How to Play Among us: The beginner guide

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How to play Among us, the most common question whose answers everyone is finding nowadays. It’s feeling like peoples find a replacement for PUBG after the ban. And you also hear about this game somewhere that’s why you are here for searching it. And it’s not easy to understand the game if you are playing it the first time. No one knows what is happening and why is happening. But things are happening in a game.

And a game also looks a little cartoonish but once you understand the game, I promise you are going to love it. Its soo is cool and addictive that you are thinking of playing it most of the time. But before that time comes, first you have to understand the game, so you can know what to do in it.

That’s why we tell you all the logic behind the game and also tell you how to play it. So that your team never loses a single game in it.

Among us: How to play the game like a pro.

select the game in Among us

So before becoming a pro first you have to know about the basic things about games like how to play it. And what task we have to do in it. And in the game starting around 4 to 10 peoples can join a game either you can play it with your friends by creating a local server. Or you can play it online with random peoples. And this is a starting overview of the game. In the game there are two roles that players have to play, one is the role of Imposter, and second is the role of crew members.

And it is decided at the starting of the game randomly that who gets which one role. But one thing that you have to keep in mind that no matter what you have to do keep your identity secret. Because it’s all about the secrecy of a role that you are given.

And one last thing there are four ways to end a game.

  • The first crew member kills all imposters. (Crew members wins in this situation)
  • Second, all the tasks that are given are completed by the crew members. (Crew members wins in this situation)
  • The number of imposters and the members is the same in aircraft (Imposters win in this situation)
  • If imposter kill or vote out all the other crew members (Imposters win in this situation)

Role of crew Members

Now let’s talk about the role of a crew member in a spaceship. First, you have to keep in mind that the number of members is greater than the number of imposters. And if you are assigned as a member then always stay focused and avoid walking alone in the spaceship. Because if you are a member and an imposter catches you alone, then it kills you and you are out of the game.

And second thing if you ever see an imposter killing a player then immediately report. Because that player is an imposter among you. So a report can be changed in a meeting and you can vote out that imposter and win the game.

Role of imposter

The role of the imposter in the game is very interesting because it came up with some powers. If you are an imposter then you know the secret tunnels in a spaceship that you can use to travel fast in the ship. But don’t use that in front of other members because if you do do that in front of other players then they know you are an imposter.

Second, if you want to eliminate a player from a game then do this when nobody sees you and a member is alone. Because if anybody sees you while kicked a member then it reports you and you are finished.

And always try to remember to eliminate the most player you can and avoid doing any suspicious activities.

So I hope now you understand the concept of the game. And it helps you to play the game like a pro.

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