Is Whatsapp chats are safe and secure?


Whatsapp one of the most used social media platform from all over the world. And normally used for text messaging and calling. Alone in WhatsApp, millions of messages are sent every minute by its active users. And people enjoy using WhatsApp, that why it is the third most downloaded app in the Android Play Store.

But what makes WhatsApp that popular. And we know some about it like its security system because it uses end to end encryption to protect the chats of users. But how much safe it is and can it protect our data completely.

Because from past some times there is news about WhatsApp chats leaks but how it is possible with this end to end encryption security. And for answering that question we are going to briefly explain how secure is WhatsApp. And is it possible to bypass that end-to-end encryption? but first, you have to know about how this encryption thing works.

How end to end encryption work in Whatsapp?

End to end encryption is not that tuff concept to understand. And in simple language, it means that all your chats are encrypted. And only you and the person you are sending your chats and calls can access them. Even Whatsapp also cant access your texts too.

 how it works actually?

So in Whatsapp end-to-end encryption, all the messages you send are secure by locks and every lock has its unique key. And only you and the person who you are sending the messages have these unique keys. That way only you and other recipients can access those messages. Not any third-party apps and nor WhatsApp because you are the only ones who have the access to those keys.

And every one of your messages is encrypted by these unique keys and locks. That’s is why every time you send a message to someone there is no way that anyone can know anything about your particular message or whole chats. And this process is automatic so you don’t have to enable or disable it from any setting.

What’s the cause of messages leak form WhatsApp

So it is almost impossible for a third party to access the data from the WhatsApp. But legally, authorities can ask WhatsApp to share the messages of a particular person if they want. But only a law enforcement agency can request for this process anyone else cannot do this request to this Facebook-owned company.

Some other cases from which your chats can be accessed by other is.

Backup your Whatsapp chats and data

backup whatsapp data

The Whatsapp uses Google Drive and iCloud to back up their chats and their content. And this thing you all know that. But the thing that you don’t know is Whatsapp didn’t take any responsibility for your Backup chats and data that is stored in your Google Drive and iCloud. And this data also does not end-to-end encrypted so it can be accessible and recovered.

By taking a screenshot of your WhatsApp chats

This is the main cause of leaking chats and data. If your phone is not locked and someone uses your phone. Then it is very easy for a person to easily reach your WhatsApp and check your contacts and messages. And if it wants to take a screenshot of those chat it can do that easily. So keep in mind that always use WhatsApp biometric to lock your app or enable the screen lock in your device.

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