How to download applications that are not on the Play Store

Mobile devices are always been convenient as compared to PCs in downloading applications. Thanks to Google play store and App Store. Where both support millions of applications to download.

And for the normal users, it is sufficient. But if you are an explorer who likes to try out new applications then many awesome apps are not available on the Play Store. Also, many applications are out there but not available in your country.

And you can’t use them. But the question is where to go in this situation. I know most of you go to the web and search there. But it is a major security risk. To download something from an unknown source.

And that’s where the F-Droid comes in. If you are not familiar with it then first let’s see what is it, and is it safe or not.

What is F-Droid and is it safe ?

If you want to know F-droid in simple words then “F-droid is a free and open-source software application that is available for the android devices. And not only this the application comes with an easy UI. And you can download thousands of open source applications from there”.

Now many of you are thinking about how safe it is to download anything from an unknown application. But you have to keep in mind that the software that is available on the F-droid are open source.

So for everyone, it is easy to keep an eye on application source code. And to know more about its safety you can read an article from Cnet in which they have talked about it in detail.

How to install F-droid application on Android devices –

Like obviously F-droid will not be available on the play store. So you have to download it from their website. And it is very simple, just open your browser and type F-droid download.

And on top, you will see their official website from which you can download the app. And install it on your mobile.

How to download applications from F-droid –

Downloading apps from F-droid is very simple. Open the application and go to categories to choose an app that you like. And after you find it click on it and then press the install button. And it will start installing on your system like the Play store.

But the one Con of F-droid is that you have to update the application from it manually. It doesn’t provide you with an option of auto update.

And the more you use it the more you will find the amazing applications on it.

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