How to change WhatsApp Two-Step Verification?

WhatsApp two step verification

Whatsapp has been a very successfully instant messaging platform for the last few years. And in terms of their global users, they have almost billions of active people who use it.

From the beginning, the platform has a great potential to be on the top. And that’s the reason in 2014 Facebook acquired Whatsapp for almost $16 Billion. Which was a lot of money for a company that was at that time growing.

But it is also true that now WhatsApp came with multiple features that are very useful in every perspective. And one of them is their security code. That lets you make your application more secure. But if any reason you want to change it or remove it then you are in the right place.

Change Two Step Verification on WhatsApp –

  • To change a security code open your WhatsApp application. And click the three-dot menu button on the top right corner.
  • Select the setting option.
  • And then go to the account.
  • Inside the account click the Two-step verification.
  • And there are all the settings related to the security code. If you want to remove it then click the disable. If you want to change the pin then go to change the pin and enter the new code.

What to do if you forget the WhatsApp security code –

In this case, first, you have an email registered to your WhatsApp. And to do that go to the two-step verification setting and press the Add email address. Verify your email there. And in future, if you forget the code somehow you can easily reset it with your email address.

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