How to check remaining storage on OneDrive


These days the market of Cloud storage is very competitive. Big tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple. Has there own Cloud storage services, and each offer some free storage to their users. 

Every company has different size limits that you can increase by buying their premium plans. But if you don’t want to buy the additional storage and want to stick to their basic plan. Then it will be wise to keep an eye on the remaining storage of your drive. 

Which is not an easy process in Microsoft OneDrive. In contrast to services like Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud. You can’t check it from your mobile device. Because the One Drive application doesn’t show this data.  

So, the most convenient way to do it is by using your browser. And for that, you have to follow through with this article. 

How to check OneDrive Storage 

There are two ways to do this. One is by going to and logging in with your id, in which you want to check the storage. 

And the second way is by login into  

  • And after logging in to Microsoft office you will be redirected to their home page where you will see all the other Office apps. 
  • Click the One Drive icon and you will again be redirected to another page. This time it will be the One Drive home page
  • Now click on the setting icon and go to the OneDrive settings
  • Then click on the more setting button, And then storage matrices. 

There you will see all your storage data, the storage that you have left. Or files that are using more storage in your cloud. 

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