How to use Multiple Workspace in Linux Mint


Shifting from Windows to Linux is not an easy process. On the one hand, Windows has many user-friendly features that can be useful while using the system. And on the other hand, Linux brings more stability and a bug-free environment. 

But this doesn’t mean that Linux doesn’t have the valuable features that the typical user needs. Modern distros have a lot of features exactly like Windows. So new users don’t feel left out. 

And Linux Mint is one of them. If you are someone who thinking about shifting from Windows to Linux. Then Mint is an excellent choice for you. 

Not only is it beginner-friendly, but it also brings some Windows-like features too. And one of them is creating and using multiple workspaces to organize the work. Besides, it works just like Windows. 

How to create Second Workspace in Linux Mint –  

  • To create a second workspace, press the ctrl, alt and arrow up buttons from your keyboard. 
  • By doing this your current window will pop and you will see a new button on side of the screen, click that plus button and your new workspace will be created. 
  • You can now change your workspace by the same key or use the ctrl, alt and arrow right button. To directly switch from one window to another. 

How to transfer apps from one Workspace to another – 

  • Again, press the ctrl, alt and arrow up key, so you can see the currently opened windows. 
  • Now hold the application with your mouse and drop it on the second window. 

By this, your transfer app will not be closed. And you can continue the work that you are doing on that application on the new Window. 

The other way is to open that application on the second Workspace. By doing this you can open the same application on different windows. 

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