How to change background in your WhatsApp messages


Whatsapp has been very popular since the beginning of its days. The platform has more than 2 billion users worldwide. And has to be said the most used mobile messenger application in the world. The platform doesn’t come with too many features as other social media platform. But all the features that WhatsApp has made the platform minimalistic and very handy to use.

The basic function of the platform is very simple. If you have a person’s contact number and that person is on the platform, then you can contact that person by sending a text from WhatsApp. And now the audio and calling feature is also added to the platform that makes it more useful.

And like I said early the features that WhatsApp has are quite very good to use. But the one feature that looks very cool if and you also going to like if you use the platform regularly is background change. In Whatsapp, you can customize the background of your chats by changing some setting here and there. And trust me it is worth it. So let’s see how you can do it.

How to change the background of WhatsApp chats

All the steps are very simple so all you have to do is just follow them one by one.

Step1 – Open WhatsApp and go inside of any chat.

Step2 – Inside the chat click the three-dot button which will be next to the call button.

Step3 – Now there was a setting called wallpaper click on it. And you are now in the wallpaper setting all the customization related to background wallpaper will be there.

Step4 – Press the button name Change and it will lead you to all the available wallpapers on WhatsApp.

Step5 – So you can try them as much as you want. And after selecting the one, you have to press the set wallpaper button.

Step6 – You can also choose a wallpaper from your gallery. By clicking on My photos and from there choose one from your gallery.

And at last, there was a setting called wallpapers dimming in WhatsApp. That allows you to change the opacity of your wallpaper.

How to change the background wallpaper in Whatsapp Desktop

This method is for those users who use the Whataspp on their desktop and laptops.

Step1 – Open the platform on your desktop and click the three-dot icon which is next to the plus sign.

Step2 – From there go to setting and then chat wallpaper.

Step3 – Now from there you can select some solid colour wallpaper for your Whatsapp desktop. And for applying it click on that particular solid colour wallpaper.

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