How to download Battleground Mobile India early access

Download BGMI early access

Battleground mobile India is soon going to be launch in India for all Indian users. And very soon all the users will be able to download the game from the play store. But before the release of the game in the play store for normal users. Many YouTubers has got the game before its release. And now you are thinking how they got the game first.

But the thing is all the YouTubers has early access to the game. This means that all the content creators of youtube that are playing the game are tester for Battleground Mobile India.

And now if you are thinking about how you can also become a tester and play the early access of the BGMI then you have to know some things first. But first, see is it possible for now normal users to play the early access of the game.

How to play the early access of the BGMI –

Just today the Krafton open the BGMI early access for everyone. So the good news is, if anyone of you, wants to try the game then you can do it right now. And download the game from Play Store.

Step1 – Open chrome or any other browser that you use. And search for the BGMI official website.

Step2 – And when you find the site. Enter inside it and click the early access now button.

Step3 – After that, it will lead you to the new page and there you have to click became a tester button.


Step4 – And right after that you became the BGMI tester. And you can easily download the early access from the Play Store.

But note “Game” can take some time to available on the play store after you register yourself as a tester. So wait some minutes before checking the Play store. But you get the game so don’t worry.

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