Battleground Mobile India iOS pre registration link and release date

battleground mobile India for iOS

From last about 1 month. Everyone is talking about one name and the name itself is Battleground Mobile India. Since the news came out about the release of PUBG mobile again with a different name in India. As if suddenly everyone is talking about it and just guessing the release date of the game.

But the things are simple for Android users. Because after the announcement of the game only a few days after Android users get a pre-registration for the game in the play store. And so far almost more than 20 Millions people pre-register for the game too.

But in the middle of all this, no one is talking about the iOS users. Except for iOS users. Because when the announcement happened regarding the release of the game in India. There are no details was given about the iOS users like when they are getting the pre-registration and when the game will be releasing for them. And if you are also thinking about that then don’t worry we got you covered. And tell you when the iOS users can expect the game and will you get the pre-registration or not.

Will iOS get the pre-registration for the BGMI –

Now all the iOS users are just thinking about when they are going to get the pre-registration for the game. But I guess now that time has passed. And for iOS users, there will be no pre-registration for the game. Because it’s been more than 3 weeks since the Android users get the pre-registration. And if it were to come for iOS users too then so far it has been available.

But there is no registration so it means that the iOS users will directly get the game in the App store. Without getting the pre-registration.

Battleground Mobile India release date for iOS –

If the iOS users don’t get the pre-registration then it means they are going to get the game directly. But the question main is when. For Android users, there are high chances that they are going to get the game on 18 June 2021. But for iOS users, there may be some delay.

But don’t worry I think the maximum delay the game get for iOS is one month. And within one month of the Android release, the iOS users will also get the game.

Although there is not any confirmation by the company yet regarding the iOS release. But as soon as the company said anything about the iOS release we are going to cover that and tell you about that.

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