Grow beard naturally at home

Growing beard is the trending style from the past five to six years. Every celebrity from Hollywood to Bollywood showing there different styles in the beard. But growing and maintaining those beard is not that easy task to do. You have to take good care of your beard properly so they look good on you.

But first, you have to keep in mind that not every person beards growth are the same. Some men have long beards without any patches and some have a beard but they have some patches area in there face.

So if you have a beard that is not fully grown and you have some patches the first thing then you can do is find your style of beard. If you see actors like Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr and many other actors they all have there own style some grow a full beard and some have french cut. So go and see a different style and pick up one which suits you and keep in mind that you want that type of beard style.

But there are some tips which you can use if you want a beard and cover those patches in your beard. All the tips which we are going to say are natural. So you don’t have to waste any money on the products which are related to beard growth.

5 tips to grow beard naturally.

  • Start Exercising- We all know that how important is an exercise is for us both mentally and physically. But did you know that exercising helps you to grow your beard fast. Yeah, you heard it right and it is true. Doing exercise can increase hormone production and hormones are important for hair growth in our body. It also helps to circulate the blood in your body properly which is also helpful.
  • Let the beard grow- If you want a beard with long hair and with fewer patches area. You have to let your beard grow. Which means no trimming no cutting your beard for a minimum of two months. This technique is helpful for the patchy area. And if you have a patchy area then the hair which grows around that area also covers that area with no facial hair. So keep patience and let your beard to grow.
  • Facial massage- We all do massages in our heads for our better hair and hair strength. There are many advantages of massage it helps to circulate the blood properly. So like the head massage you have to do massage in your face where your beard grows. It helps to circulate the blood which causes better hair growth. So every night before going to bed massage your face with Almond oil or Coconut oil for 10 min. And then see the result in a few months.
  • Wash your face three times a day- Washing your face is very important for your beard growth. Just like shampooing your hair fo better hairs on your head. Washing face helps to clean the dust in your face which blocks the hair pores. And your beard growth stops. So just keep in mind whenever you come from outside wash your face properly. And before going to bed at night also wash your face with facewash.
  • Diet- A proper diet is very important for your body. It helps you to keep you fit and your body healthy. And this rule is also applied for your beard growth. You need Vitamin A, B, Cand E in your diet for better hair growth. Vitamin A helps you for tissue recovering and from Vitamin C and E it helps to moisturize your skin naturally. Protein is also very important for hair growth so if you want your beard long and shinny consume more and more protein in your diet.

Myths related to beard growth-

Myth 1- If you save frequently your beard grows faster.

Fact- If you think that shaving your beard regularly helps to grow a beard faster than you are completely wrong. Shaving your beard makes your beard a little thicker. It does not change the growth of your beard, not a little bit.

Myth 2- Beard oil makes grow a beard faster and thicker.

Fact- If you don’t have a single hair in your beard and you think that applying a beard oil twice a day to grow your beard. Then you are completely wrong. If you don’t have any hair roots then your hair doesn’t grow. But the thing which beard oil does is nourish and moisturize yours under the skin.

Myth 3- You can grow a full beard in one month.

Fact- For some men it is true but for most of the men it is completely wrong. Because hair growth depends on your hormones, not in the month. That’s why some men’s grow a full beard in 4 weeks and some men’s need a long long time.

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