PUBG Mobile: Bonus challenge Full Guide

UC is also known as Unknown Cash which is a  game currency used in Pubg Mobile to buy the game items. With UC you can purchase all the game items, Royal pass and outfits In Pubg mobile. In other words with UC, you can buy everything inside the PUBG game. But the thing about UC is it is quite expensive to buy. For 600UC to purchase you have to spend 800 INR. But The Pubg mobile gives you a chance to get 1800UC free through Bonus Challange.

But before that, you have to understand that what is a bonus challenge and how to participate in it. Bonus Challange is basically a tournament in which you can only play a single match in it. There is not a tournament leaderboard in it you get the point from every match you played. And convert that points into rewards. So in this blog, we tell you how you can participate in the Bonus challenge and how to redeem UC and rewards from points you earn.

Register in Indian Bonus Challange.

  • For entering in the bonus challenge the thing you need first is a Bonus Challenge Voucher. Which cost you 10UC for 1 Voucher each. But you can also get these vouchers free per weeks.


  • To get a free Bonus Challange Voucher you have to go to the gift option in the right of the screen. And go to the weekly report in the recommended option. In which you get free Vouchers per week based on your ranking.


  • After you get the Bonus Challange Voucher you can participate the Bonus challenge easily. It starts daily from 12 PM to 6 PM IST.


  • You can also play a bonus challenge in Solo, Duo, Squad as per your preference.


  • There are also two maps which are available in the bonus challenge to play first is Classic Erangle and second is TDM Warehouse.


  • Also, there are three levels of bonus challenge in which you participate. And all three-level need a different number of Voucher to enter in the tournament.

1. Novice:

Required Voucher: 1 Bonus Challange Voucher.

Highest Reward: 1000 Battle Coins

Kill Points: 15/enemy

Wins Points: 200

2. Adept:

Required Voucher: 2 Bonus Challange Voucher

Highest Reward: 2000 Battle Coins

Kill Points: 30/enemy

Wins Points: 450

3. Expert:

Required Voucher: 3 Bonus Challange Voucher

Highest Reward: 30000 Battle Coins

Kill Points: 45/enemy

Win Points: 700

Rewards In Indian Bonus Challange.

For collecting the rewards you have enough battle coins to redeem the UC, Dresses and Gun skins. To purchase 100UC you need almost 1000 Battle coins and to purchase 500UC pack you need 5000 Battle coins. So if you want to purchase the free UCs you have to collect the Battle Coins.

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