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Game of Peace is the Chinese version of the PUBG mobile but it’s not like a full version of PUBG mobile global. If you play this game you see some major difference between these two games. The game is also published by the Tencent who is the publisher of PUBG Corporation. But after some complications with government Tencent launch the game with a new name and with new features in China. Within the release of the game, did good in china and the userbase of the game shifted from the PUBG to Game of peace. And it is estimated that the game does a business of around $1.48 billion per year. It is also the most downloaded free game and top-grossing game in China Apple’s app store.

But the most important part of the game is it launch some features and new updates early. As compared to the PUBG Mobile global version. So you can enjoy the new features and updates of the game early. And in this Blog, we gonna tell you and explain to you how to download Game for Peace in your Mobile device.

Download Game for Peace in your device.

  • For downloading Game For Peace app and log in to the game. First, you have to create a WeChat account on your phone. And always download the game after creating the WeChat account.


  • After Creating the WeChat Account download the app TabTab it is like a PlayStore app you can download the app from Google.


  • When you download the app open the app and search for Game For Peace in the search box.


  • After searching the game download the Android or IOS version of the game. And it also has the same size as the PUBG mobile.


  • When the game is downloaded open the game and log in the game through the WeChat account. And now you are ready to enjoy the game.

Difference Between PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace.

Vehicle Design-

Designs of Vehicles in both the game are quite different. If you see in PUBG Mobile you can’t see any windshield or glass in the Vehicles. But in Game For Peace, you can see the Glass and windshields in the Vehicles which make it more realistic in look.

Animations And Graphics-

The animations of Game of Peace is very good as compared to PUBG Mobile. In the game, you can see the live lobby feature which looks good in the background. And if you also compared the graphics and texture of the game it is quite high to the global version of PUBG.

Hit Effects and colours-

This is the most awaited feature from the users of the PUBG Mobile. In PUBG there are not any hit effects and variety of colours in the effects. But in Game for Peace, you can choose a different style of Hit effects and colours.


The optimization of the Game for Peace is also very impressive. You can play the game in 90FPS and 120FPS if your device supports it. While in PUBG Mobile it only supports 60FPS.


If we talk about the updates Game for Peace always got the updates first as compared to the PUBG Mobile. 80 to 90 Percents of updates first rollout in Game for Peace then it comes to PUBG Global version.

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