WhatsApp: Usefull Tips And Tricks

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging apps which is used by peoples on the daily basis. Nowadays everyone loves to send messages and text with there loved once. And WhatsApp helps you to do this free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single coin for these texts. The WhatsApp is created in 2009 by Brian Actor and Jan Koum who is also the founder of the WhatsApp. And after when the app got popular Facebook has bought WhatsApp. But The thing which makes WhatsApp more popular from its competitor’s apps is its privacy policies. WhatsApp uses the end to end encryption method for the protection of chats of its users. It also gives you features like voice calling and video calling which is also free.

WhatsApp has huge popularity in India also and if we see. India is the largest WhatsApp market in the world. And if we talk about chats almost 65 billion WhatsApp messages are sent daily in all around the world and around 29 million messages per minute. So for the users who use Whatsapp on a daily bases, we are telling you some tips and tricks which you can use in Whatsapp.

  1. Hide Bluetick- If you want to see a message in Whatsapp and don’t want to show a sender that you have seen a message there is simply a trick which you can use.  All you have to do is open an airplane mode and read the message. And after reading the message remove the app from the recent app and now close the airplane mode. So doing this you have seen the message but it won’t show any bluetick on the message.

  2. Bookmark a message- Sometimes you send or receive an important message from someone. But you forget now what was the date when the message arrived or send. From now on all you have to do is long-press a message which you want to bookmark and click the start button on the top of the screen. This option bookmarks all your important messages easily.

  3. Text Styling-  Text styling helps you to highlight your some texts which you write eg:- For Bold text use stars *hii*, For Italic, text use underscore _hii_, etc. You can also see different options by long pressing those texts.

  4. WhatsApp Desktop- If you have a laptop and you want all your WhatsApp messages on your laptop it can easily happen. All you have to do is download the Whatsapp desktop on your laptop. It gives you a QR code to scan. Go to the three-dot on Whatsapp and click Whatsapp web. Now your laptop Whatsapp can access all your messages easily.

  5. Chat without typing- You can also send a message to someone without typing the message. All you have to do is activate the google assistant and give the command” send a message to” It will then ask you what is the message and then you can send it.

  6. Delete old messages: WhatsApp gives you a delete message option but there is a time limit in it. And if you want to delete a message which is one week old you can do it in one simple step. All you have to do is go to the phone setting and change your date to that msg date which you want to delete. And after that, you can delete the message.

  7. Save all the chat- If you want to save the full chat of a person from starting you can also do that by simply going to the export option in Whatsapp. And send the whole chat to your second Whatsapp no or in google drive.

  8. Send Status Video to your friends- If anyone asks you a video that you have put in your status. You can now simply send it without going to a gallery or contact of that friend. All you have to do is click on the eye button on your status. and in the beside of delete status option, there is a forward option. In which you can click and send that video personally to anyone in your contact.

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