Change username in Instagram only in few steps

At this time Facebook and Instagram are the two most used social media platform out there. Both have billions of active users who used their platform and post content on it every day. And the interesting thing about these two social media platform is that they belong to the same group or the same person.The one thing that is also common in both the platform and all the other social media platform is the word Username. Some platform limits the update of a personal username and in some other, you can easily change them whenever you like. And Instagram comes in a second category.

If you create an Insta id from Gmail then sometimes your username copied the Gmail username. And that doesn’t look good. But you can change it easily later if you want. But if you have a large following then Instagram may verify you first before make the username change due to privacy concern.

But if you are a normal user then this process is very simple for you. And you can do that in only a few steps. So if you want to change a Username of Instagram then follow the below steps and change username easily.

Change username in Instagram –

  • Open your Instagram account and go to your profile section where all of your posts are available.

  • Now click the edit profile option. And click your Username section.

  • Write the new username that you want to update.

  • And you are done your username will be easily updated in a few seconds.

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