Fix fingerprint not detected problem in honor devices


Most of us are using honor devices as our regular phone. And I am not going to lie but some of the devices of honor that was the sub-brand of Huawei are pretty good in terms of performance and the camera section.

For the last few years, face recognition is a big part of the security in smartphone devices. And many peoples are using it to unlock their phones. But before face recognition, the fingerprint scanner is the popular way of unlocking the devices.

And in the era of face recognition fingerprint scanner is also doing a good job. And just like other companies, honor is one of them who use the scanner in their majority of the devices. But in the past some times many of the honor devices users complaining that their fingerprint option is not showing in the setting of the devices. And due to this, they are not being able to use the fingerprint sensor in their device.

Now, first of all, you have to understand that this problem is also caused by some hardware damage. But if you are pretty sure that your sensor is alright and the cause of this problem is different then you can use this method to try to fix this problem.

How to fix fingerprint not detected problem in Honor devices –

  • Open your honor device setting.
  • And go to System, Inside the system goes to reset option.
  • Inside reset press the Reset all settings option.
  • And reset all your setting, it includes your All network setting, fingerprints, face recognition data and lock screen password.
  • After that restart your device and then check whether your fingerprint setting is back or not. Even after this if your fingerprint setting is not visible then kindly contact your nearby Huawei service centre. Because most probable it’s your hardware fault that is causing this issue.

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