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Facebook introduce new version of Instagram lite

Instagram vs Instagram lite
Instagram is doing a lot of work recently first they test the integrate of Instagram reels into Facebook directly. And now they introduce a new lite version of Instagram. This is not the first time that this photo and video editing social media platform. Launch its lite version in the market. In 2018 Instagram launch the lite version for very low-end devices and then secretly pull off the application back.At that time no one knows why the companie pull out the lite version of the application. But now it is clear the new version of Instagram lite comes up with a lot of new features. And a little bit of an increase in size. And the good thing is it’s rolling out for almost 170 countries that have low bandwidth.

And now its work in all network connection and also consume fewer data. So the users can use the application smoothly in the low network connection. At this time only Android users can download the lite version through the play store. And it is not clear when it is available for iOS users.

Facebook has its own lite version and if you see many famous platforms has their own lite version of their application. And seriously it is a good thing because if you are living in a country where your internet connection is not that strong. Or you are using a 2G internet connection then at that place lite version is very useful.

It allows you to use that application seamlessly without facing any problem. And the company also have the chance to reach out to more users. Because the more users use the particular platform the better that platform became.

Instagram vs Instagram lite –

The main difference between Instagram and Instagram lite is its downloading size. And this lite version comes up in only 2 Mb in size and that’s the reason why the lite versions miss some features as compared to main Instagram.

Because for a fully-featured app you need to increase the size of the application. Still, then Instagram manages to fit features like Instagram reels in it. You cant create your own reel from it.

But you definitely can watch the reel in the lite version. AR filters, Gifs are also available in the lite version too. And due to its less size, you are also not going to see any ads on it. But features like dark mode are also missing due to its size. But that’s not a big problem.

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