20 Best Documentary Series On Netflix And Amazon Prime

Best Documentary Series

If you love to watch documentaries and see some real-life based content on the internet. Then this is the best time for this. Netflix and Amazon Prime have some of the best visual documentaries to watch in this season. And it is one of the best ways to know things because this content contains mostly original audios, visualizations, and photographs. So they help you to get informed about facts and things as they have happened.

There are many different types of documentaries you can watch like some of them are related to history. Some of them are related to sports, human life, and many more. But the question arises is what to watch first and what series contains what content. And that why we collect some of the best documentaries and docuseries for you to watch whenever you are free.

All the films that we are ranking here are available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. Ad some of them are available on both.

Best Documentaries to see on Netflix and Amazon Prime-

The best 20 documentary films that you can watch and get informed about different things. This list contains different types of genres so anyone can choose what they interested to watch.

#20.Birth of planet earth-

Available on– Amazone Prime

If you are curious to know about the beginning of the earth and our existence. And want to know the answers to how all of this started and how our earth and moon came into existence. Then you should watch this film at least once. It gives you a vast knowledge of our existence and our earth. So if you are a guy who is curious about space-related things and the beginning of our earth then you should try this film.

#19. The real sherlock homes

Available on– Amazon Prime

Sherlock holmes a frictional detective who never existed in real life. A detective who changes the perspective of crime-solving and gives humans a different vision. But do you know how Sherlock came into existence?  And what’s the story behind the most loved and admired frictional character. If you don’t know these answers then watch this narrative. That explains how a character from a book changes many things in the real world.

#18. Chasing Ice-

Available on– Netflix

Climate change is one of the biggest thread for all human beings. And to show this critical thread to all of us natural photographer James Balog and his team try to show us the effect of climate change in Greenland and Alaska. Where his team waited and capture all the changes on a glacier while it crashes and melts on a 75-minute long documentary film. So if you wanna see the damage that is causing by climate change then watch this award-winning documentary film once.

#17. I am Ali-

Available on– Amazon Prime

I am Ali is 2014 made a documentary film on the professional boxing legend Mohamad Ali. And the special thing about this film is that contain original audios of Ali recording, videos from his career and interviews of peoples who were close to him. So the viewer can know exactly how is  Mohhaman Ali’s aura and personality are and relate to his story directly. And besides, you are also going to see some special appearances in films like Mike Tyson and Jim Brown.

#16. American Factory-

Available on– Netflix

American Factory is a first-ever documentary that is made by Barack Obama and Michell Obama production house Higher ground production. And when it is released on Netflix it is very praised by audiences and critics. All the reviews for the film are also very positive. And in 2020 it also won the Academy Award for the best documentary feature film.

#15. Make us dream-

Available on– Amazon Prime

Make us the dream is a film for those people who follows football and a fan of a former Liverpool player Steven Garrand. The whole documentary is about the journey of legend Steven and the time that he spend in Liverpool FC. Steven is recalled as one of the most successful players for Liverpool and played almost 26 years for the team. And in those years the team also won many titles too. While watching the Documentary you feel it very inspiring and emotional and that is what makes the football special.

#14. Gaga Five Foot two-

Available on– Netflix

By the name of the title probably you all guessed that on which personality this documentary is about. And for those who didn’t understand what are we talking about. Then for those persons information, this movie is about one of the most loved and famous personalities in the Hollywood music Industry Lady Gaga. It is a Netflix Original film that shows us what happens behinds the camera or behind the scene in a celeb life. And show us the actual reality that how much pain and challenges they also have to face in their life.

 #13. Madness in the desert-

Available on– Netflix

In India, Cinema and Cricket are the two most loved activities that we all admire and we can watch them anytime. And that’s one of the reasons that most of us seen the Laggan movie at least once in our life. And no matter how many times you watch this film it always feels so special to us. All of us know about the movie. But how many of us know the reason behind the movie and all the efforts that are made to make that movie. And that’s why a documentary is made on the making of the movie and shows us all the efforts that are made in that film by everyone. So the audiences can see a pure masterpiece.

#12. Chasing happiness-

Available on– Amazon Prime

Chasing happiness is another behind the scene documentary of the famous Jonas brothers. And I am sure that most of you are huge fans of the Jonas Brothers and especially Nick Jonas. The film shows us the journey of all the three brothers and especially their huge reunion after 6 long years in their band together. So if you also are a fan of the Jonas Brother then see this fantastic documentary on them. And it’s a chance to see their life closely.

#11. Antarctica- A year on ice

Available on– Amazon Prime

Antarctica a year on ice is a documentary film directed by Anthoney B Powell. A person who also works with famous channels like Discovery, Net Geo, and BBC. But in this film, Powell shows the harsh condition of Antarctica. And the peoples who work in the station in Antarctica. The film portrays a whole year’s condition and difficulty of the place. And the season of Antarctica. Where the sunshine for the whole 24 hours. And a season when the sun didn’t rise for many months. It is one of the best documentaries to show the power of nature and how difficult it can be for a man to survive and work in the toughest condition.

#10. The Secret

Available on– Netflix

The secret is a documentary film that is based on a book that has the same name. The film contains the interviews of some peoples who tell the importance of positivity in human life. And in many ways shows us how to get a thing that we desire most and want so badly in our life. It is a good documentary that is filled with a lot of positivity and if you want to test the words that are said in this record then try it yourself sometime. And see that did it actually work.

#9. Miss Americana-

Available on– Netflix

Tailor Swift a huge personality that has fans from all around the world. Fans who really admire her and follow her. And due to this great popularity, the fans of her want to know her more closely. And in 2020 a documentary film is released on Netflix named Miss Americana that shows the year of Tailor Swift’s life on a screen. That shows the hard work and dedication of her toward his work. It is a well-documented film that can inspire many peoples in different ways.

#8. Tony Robbins: I am not your guru

Available on- Netflix

Another behind-the-scene documentary but this time it is made on a popular public face Tony Robbins. Tony is an American motivational speaker, coach, and a philanthropist. And this documentary shows all the efforts and work done in his seminars to make it more helpful and complete. But this specific film shows the tony one of the biggest “Date with destiny” seminar. That is attended by almost 2,500 peoples. And held in Boca Raton, Florida each year. And in this record, you are going to see all behind the scenes of this event and how they manage this life-changing event each year for many peoples.

#7. Behind the Curve

Available on- Netflix

There are several proofs and the majority of peoples known that the earth is a sphere. But there is also a community of peoples who believe that the earth is not a sphere and actually it is flat. And this documentary shows the theories and interviews of peoples from flat earth communities who think that the earth is flat. That most of us didn’t agree with this but this documentary is made to put the perspective of those people too who believe in this. The film first released in the USA in November 2018 and after that February 2019 Netflix released it on its platform worldwide.

#6. The truth about Alcohol


Available on- Netflix

The truth about Alcohol is the best documentary film that tells you about the myth and reality of Alcohol. The advantages and the disadvantage of Alcohol all is shown in this film. And many of you find the documentary amusing too. The main focus and purpose of this film are to inform more and more people about alcohol and how it responds to the body of a consumer. And if you have a question about alcohol then it covers all the queries from a hangover to the benefits of wines.

#5.Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

Available on- Netflix

Travis Scott: Look mom I can fly is a documentary film that shows the surrounding of Travis Scott one of the most famous albums Astroworld release. It highlights the journey of a Huston rapper to one of the most successful Hollywood rapper. The film contains the Scott concerts and his performance scenes his family importance in his life and career and the childhood stories.

#4. Bad Boy Billionaires-

Available on– Netflix

The Bad Boy Billionaires one of the controversial documentary series released on Netflix. And due to his one controversial episode the series first get a delay in a release then the production has removed one episode and release the series again. And many of folks thinking about what the show contains that it got that hype in released. The series is about India’s 4 most infamous industrialist and their scams and scandals. It is an investigative series that shows the best phases of these tycoon lives to the worst phase in their life.

#3. The Social Dilemma-

Available on-Netflix

The social Dilemma is a documentary film that shows the hidden side of social media and its impacts.  In the 21st-century social media played a very major role in connecting people and lets people know each other and share their thoughts. But is it limited to only this now or is it grown more than from this? This film contains the interviews of ex-employees of some big tech companies that explain the dark truth of social media. It is a very informative film that shows social media and its dangers to people.

2.American Murder: The Family next door-

Available on– Netflix

American Murder is an American true crime documented film. That tells the true crime story of the Watt Family murder in 2018. The documentary shows the footage of law enforcement authorities who are assigned in case. Home video footage and social media posts. The documentary released in September 2020 on Netflix.

#1. The Great Hack

Available on– Netflix

The great hack is another documentary film that shows the side effect of social media. And how easy someone can use social media to change the person’s mind and influence a person. This series shows you how your data can be used by companies and what they can do with your data. It is a great documentary and available on Netflix to watch.

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