Windows 10 October 2020 Update and Changes

Windows 10 October update
Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest version of OS for PCs. And from July 2015 when window 10 first launched it did quite well among the users. Especially the new generation of users who adopt it very fast.  And for this Microsoft cover a long journey from there Windows 1 to Window 10. And in these 35 years, It just did it best to make their OS more user friendly and more powerful from their Constant updates.From its launch, Windows 10  got many updates till now so it can get better and better. And now in October 2020 Microsoft push its another big update for Window 10 that changes many things that include New Microsoft edge, Style change in the taskbar, and some other minor changes.

So let’s see what you see new in the Windows 20H2 update. And how to install the update on your PC.

#1. New Microsoft Edge-

Edge is a very good browser from the beginning and After Chrome it is the second most used browser on PC. And to make it more secure and user-friendly Microsoft constantly did changes to it. And this time they did again. Now in New Microsft edge, you see a new logo of the browser. And some transitions and animations are also added that you feel while using the browser.

#2. New Alt+Tab-

If you are a Windows user for a long time then you probably know what alt+tab does. And if you don’t know what this is used for, this is a shortcut key that switches between your different tabs easily. But now Microsoft takes one step more further and add the Microsoft Edge browser web pages in it too. So now you can switch browsers tabs with your application tabs.

And if you don’t want this feature. Then from setting you can disable it too. So your browser tabs cant appear in-app switching process.

#3. Changes in Tablet mode-

This change is not for PC users but if you use Microsoft Surface then you are going to see some difference in your taskbar icon placements. And from now on whenever you remove your keyboard from the surface it didn’t push you a notification to change the mode. So you can keep doing your work in flow without any distraction.

#4. Start Menu changes-

In all previous versions, the start menu has different solid background color tiles. But from now on in the dark mode theme, you are going to see a transparent Start menu that gives a classy feel. And if you use a light theme, then the transparent is still there but in a white shade. You can also customize the color of transparency from the setting if you want.

And now with the same color in the background, the interface also looks very clean. Like in the previous version the Start Menu feel messy with different solid colors.

#4. Changes in Setting-

Window 10 Setting also come up with some upgrades. Like if you use a monitor that supports a higher refresh rate, then in the display setting you can upgrade it to a higher refresh rate. And in the About option, there is now a copy button available below the Device specification and Window specification. That helps you with copy all your specification detail in one click.

#5. Icons in Taskbar-

Now if you connect your smartphone device is connected to Windows then in the taskbar. Your Phone icon is added to the taskbar so you can access your phone directly. And if you have a gaming PC and an Xbox account then an Xbox icon will be added to your taskbar. It is not that big change or something but it’s good that Microsoft working on small details too.

So These are some changes and upgrades in the new version 20H2 update. And if you also want to use these features on your PC then directly go to your Update and security and check for a new update.

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