How To : Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phones

Recover deleted photos

Realizing that we accidentally delete the photos from our device is the most irritating thing that happens sometimes with us. We go out with some of our friends then we take a lot of photos. And suddenly one-day by mistake we delete some of the photos or all of them.

In the majority of the cases when we factory reset our phone then all our data will be erased. And we forget to do something about our photos. So what’s the solution now for this how to retrieve these deleted photos after they erase from the device.

And fortunately, there are some methods through which you can restore all the gallery photos on your device backs. And in the majority of the cases, you need a PC or laptop to do this task. But here I am going to tell you about how to recover the deleted pictures in your smartphone devices without taking the help of some external devices.

Methods to recover deleted photos from android devices-

There are two major methods that I am going to talk about. Both of these methods only need your smartphone device for the work done. So if you don’t want to use your Pc in this then that will be ok too. The first method that we going to talk about is to recover pictures from the cloud storage. And the second method is about to recover shots with the help of free third-party software. And we are going to start with the simple one that is the cloud method.

#1. Recover photos with the help of cloud storage-

Cloud storage is the best way to recover your photos. And if you use an android device then it has most probably Google Photos in it. And it doesn’t matter if you use another gallery to view photos but every android device has this pre-downloaded app.

And it is the most useful app that you have ever use. The Google photos have a backup option in it that will be automatically taking a backup of photos that you have on your device. And when the time comes you can easily access all your old photos from any devices.

But if you haven’t take any backup and deleted your photos accident. Then try this one method in Google photos.

  • Open your Google photo app.
  • Click on the three-line on the top, and then click the bin or trash option.
  • If you recently delete your picture then your photo will be there. But note that after 60 days if you haven’t restore pictures from google photos. Then it will be deleted from there too.

Note if you always want to save your pictures then use the backup feature of Google photos. It always stores your photos no matter what happens.

Use Phone backup system- The phone backup system is also a very strong method to backup and recovers your data. And the special thing about it is that it can back up all your messages call details, recording, etc. Another good thing about this is every phone company offers you this feature on their devices. And you can easily find this feature in your phone setting. So if you sometimes reset your phone then use this backup method first so that all your data will be recovered easily.

#2. Use a third-party application to recover deleted photos-

There are many apps and software that instantly recover your deleted photos majority of these software runs with the help of PCs. But if you do not want to use your pc and want to use your android device only. Then it is also possible with help of some software.

  • Download the disk digger app from your Playstore.
  • Now open the app. And in your interface, you found the option to start a basic photo scan. Click that option.
  • Now it takes some time and recovers your recently deleted photos.

The second app that can be useful is the Photo recovery app.

  • The second app that you can use is the photo recovery app. That is also available on Playstore.
  • Open the app and there you see two options. Recovery Methods one and Recovery Method two. Selected one of those options.
  • Now it takes some time and in the end, it shows you some of your erased photos.

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