WhatsApp New Disappearing Feature For Android and iOS

Whatsapp dissapering feature

After a long wait and tease in the beta version. Facebook rolled out its new message disappearing feature on the Whatsapp. The release of feature in beta version got many hypes, many of the users are waiting to see the feature in the main version of Whatsapp. And now finally the update is on the Android PlayStore and iOS AppStore.

In term of privacy, the disappearing feature is quite good. It can automatically delete your messages after seven days of sending. So its good that all your old messages got automatically delete and you don’t have to do it manually.

The feature is available on the Android, iOS and desktop version devices. And you can delete the individual messages as well as group messages, but only the admin has the power to enable this feature in the group messages. And to use this feature you have to enable it manually in your Whatsapp. And it is a good thing too because it possible that not everyone wants to delete their messages.

So let’s see how to enable the disappearing feature on your Whatsapp. In only a few steps.

Steps to use Disappearing feature in WhatsApp-

  • For using this new feature first you have to go to your Playstore or AppStore. And update the latest version of the WhatsApp messenger in your device.
  • Now when your app is updated. Open the WhatsApp and click any person chat you want to use disappearing feature.
  • Now go to the information section of that contact. That you can go by clicking the name of the person inside the chatbox.
  • And that’s where you are going to see a new disappearing feature of the Whatsapp. All you have to do is click that option press the On button inside it. It will enable the feature and you can more learn about that feature in there also.

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