How To Make Costume Split Screen In Windows 10

Windows 10 Split Screen

Windows is one of the top operating systems and also a very famous one that is widely used in PCs and laptops. The option that windows gave you to customize your system as you want is quite amazing. And I am not saying that Mac OS is one step back from the Windows. But the maximum of the users who have a system is using Windows as there operating system. So I think let’s talk about this.

About one of the Windows most famous feature Split screen. And at this time, you all have been using a split-screen function in Windows and if anyone hasn’t used it yet then you are now interested I guess. That’s the reason also why you are here.

But in the split-screen, the size is fixed to set an application. And every container gets a specific space where it can fit in a screen. But what if I tell you that you can make as much space as you want to fit your application in a particular place. And make your own costume layout. And for this, I am going to tell you a step by step process. So you can make your own custom layout and do multitasking easily.

Steps to Follow to make your own customized multitasking layout-

To change the layout in your PC and make it in your own ways. For it, you have to download the PowerToy program that is developed by a Microsoft. It led you to make your own layout design and add as many tiles you want.

To download PowerToy in your PC follow the steps below-

Step1- Go to Google and search Powertoys for windows. And click the first Git Hub link.

Step2- Now click the release version of the PowerToy in GitHub. And it leads you to a new page.

Step3-  And then click the Powertoy setup and download it in your system. In installing give it all the permission it required otherwise it now going to install.

Step4- Now when the program is installed in your PC it will appear in your desktop screen. And if it not showing in home screen and go to your Program files the folder of your PowerToy is there.

Step5- After opening the program it looks like this. Go to the Fancy Zone option. And click the launch zone editor.

Step6- Inside the Launch zone editor there are some pre-made templates that you can use. And if you want to create your own layout then click the custom layout option. And make one of your own.

Note- Also sees the setting in Fancy Zone and change according to your comfort.

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