Top browsers for Android and iOS to use

Any user who uses smartphones knows the importance of browsers on their phone. If you want to access any content or search any quarry on the internet you need a medium. And this medium is a browser. In devices, some browsers come inbuild in the devices. And Some browsers you can download from the Play Store and App store for use. But the thing which matters most is which browser is safe and which browser provides more security features and other features for its users. And choosing the right browser is tuff for some time. You don’t know what browser provides what features and how much they can keep you safe in the world of the internet.

And after the ban of the UC browser which has more than 100 million users in India. Peoples need another browser which is safer and works fast in use. So today we are telling you some browsers name which come with a lot of features and safe to use. And you can easily download them from your Play Store and App Store.

1. Google Chrome-

Like the name indicates this browser is developed by a big company Google. And the good thing about this browser is you don’t have to download it from play store in Android devices. It came as a default browser in every Android smartphone. If we talk about the features Google Chrome comes us with many features. And you can trust this app because it came from Google which is a very big company. The chrome comes up with features like.

  • Fast surfing and data saving options.

  • You can also download your content and watch it offline.

  • Use Google assistant in google chrome and search it without typing in your screen.

  • Privacy is Google chrome is also very good. It shows a warning when you visit a site that is not safe to use.

2. Firefox Browser-

The Firefox browser is one of the famous browsers which user enjoy to use. For using the firefox you have to download it from the Play Store and App Store. If we talk about the browser it focuses on the privacy of the users. And came up with many privacy features and more. The features of firefox include privacy mode to add block mode.

  • It blocked third party cookies and unwanted ads on the internet so you can browse the internet easily and safely.

  • Gives you a protective environment by blocking the webpages which can track you.

  • You don’t have to change setting in the browser for safety and privacy. Everything is set automatically for you.

3. Opera Browser-

Opera is also a big name in browsers. It has more than 100 million-plus downloads in the Play Store. So you can say that it is quite a trusted browser. And if we talk about the features of the Opera browser. It also comes up with many different features that make the user experience better.

  • We all know that ads are very irritating while browsing the websites. But Opera gives you an option so you can block these ads while browsing on the internet.

  • In the home screen of opera, it gives you a news feed. So you are also up to date about the latest news.

  • The Opera browser has also come with a nite mode. So you don’t have any problem to use a browser in low background lighting.

4. Phoenix Browser-

Phoenix browser is a very decent browser that comes with many interesting inbuilt features. If we talk about the features it has some cool features like Whatsapp status download plugins and more like.

  • Downloading speed in the Phoenix browser is very impressive and you can download videos easily through it.

  • It has also a very useful plugin that downloads Whatsapp status videos easily.

  • The browser also came up with its own file manager in which you can access all your photos videos and files.

  • It also came up with an ad-block option that blocks advertisements and pop-up ads.

5. DuckduckGo Browser-

In the term of privacy duckduckgo is the best browser to use. You can use the duckduckgo search engine in every browser. But if you want to use a duckduckgo browser you can also use it. By simply download it from Google Play Store. And if we talk about the features of this browser.

  • Blocking online tracking is the most useful feature of the duckduckgo browser. And it automatically blocks the third party trackers also.

  • The search engine on the browser is also it’s own. So you can search privately on the browser.

  • This browser also shows only websites that use encrypted (HTTPS) connections.

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