DuckDuckGo Search Engine: What is it and how it works

Whenever we think about searching for any of our quarries and surfing through the internet without any problem. The first thing which comes to our mind is Google. Google is the solution for most of the quarries and problems. And you can find and search for anything in it. And the amazing part is you got the answer or solution which you are finding. The thing is google knows everything.

But you know Google is not only a search engine you can use. There are many different search engines that are available to search our quarries like Bing, Yahoo, etc. But there is one search engine that is slightly different from this search engine which we use is duckduckgo. Yeah, you heard right duckduckgo. It is a search engine which is developed by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008. And the important part about this search engine is it is made for the privacy purpose for users.

The Duckduckgo focus on the privacy of its user. In this search engine, none of your searches is recorded and it also prevents you from tracking. The privacy of duckduckgo is very high that’s why from iOs8 Apple uses duckduckgo in their search engine list in its browser. And if you are thinking to try a different search engine now you can use duckduckgo. It is available in many browsers and you can also download their app from play store and app store.

Difference between duckduckgo and Google.

Duckduckgo and google are different search engines but used for the same task which is finding the results for users that they have searched. There are some similarities and some differences between both engines.

If we talk about the similarities between both the search engine. After the search result, both search engines have almost the same interfaces and both containing options like news, photos, maps, shopping, and videos at the top of the bar.

The other similarity between duckduckgo and google is it also uses its web crawler to compile its search results just like google and other search engines. which duckduckgo called duck duck bot.

And if we talk about the difference between both of the search engines. The biggest difference is its privacy. We all know that Google collects all our data and information to show us the preferred adds which is based on our data. But, on the other hand, duckduckgo didn’t track our information and searches which is a good thing. All our searches and our data is private to us.

The other difference and we can also say it is a plus point of duckduckgo is its “bang syntax”. It is an easy way to search for anything on duckduckgo. All you have to do is use! sign and type short words in front of it and it open that website. For eg-!YT for youtube!FB for Facebook and many more.

Duckduckgo in mobile devices.

For using duckduckgo in any Android or iOS device. You simply have to download the duckduckgo app from the Play Store and App store and use it like any other browsers.

Duckduckgo in Google chrome.

For using duckduckgo in chrome you can use the duckduckgo extension in chrome. Or you can go to setting option in chrome and enter the option search engine. Where you can change your search engine from Google to duckduckgo.



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