Snapdragon 690 5G: Specifications of new 5G processor

Qualcomm is one of the leading processor making company in the market for the majority of the smartphones, Qualcomm makes the processor. If you see Qualcomm snapdragon processors are making the majority of the 4g processors for smartphones and tablets. But in 2020 when everyone is expecting the 5G networks in phones. Qualcomm has to work faster for making the 5G processors for every segment of the smartphones. And in 2019 Qualcomm launches its new Snapdragon 865 processor which is the first processor who comes with the 5G modem. But the 865 processor only comes with the flagships devices like Oneplus and Samsungs new devices which are high in price.  Later Qualcomm also introduces some more 5G Processors in the market for the mid-range section which is snapdragon 765 5G.

But in 2020 Qualcomm launches its first 600 series processor which is Snapdragon 690 5G. The main aim of the new 600 Series 5G processor is to provide the 5G networks at a lower price for everyone. You can see this new processor to the successor to the Snapdragon 675 processor which is the mid-range 4G processor in low cost.

And today we are telling you the some of the highlighted specifications of the new Snapdragon 690 5G processor.


New Snapdragon 690 is a 64-bit octa-core processor which is based on the Kryo 560 CPU. The two cores of this processor are Cortex-A77 which are clocked at the speed of 2.0GHz. And six-core of the processor is Cortex-A56 which is clocked at the speed of 1.7GHz. Also, the new snapdragon processor is based on the 8nm chipset which is good for a mid-range processor but it is also slow if we compared it with Snapdragon 765 which is also a 5G processor.


In today’s smartphones, GPU is also very important for the user most of the users play games on their phones. And GPU helps the game to boost and increase the performance of the Game. And in new snapdragon 690 processor get the Adreno 619L GPU. which Qualcomm claims that it is 60% faster than its predecessor Snapdragon 675 which use Adreno 612 GPU.

                                   5G Modem-

The modem which the Snapdragon 690 use the Snapdragon X51. But the Snapdragon 690 only support sub-65Hz 5G network which means it won’t support high-speed mmWave networks. In Snapdragon 690 the downloading and uploading speeds are 2.5GBps and 660MBps. And in the connectivity area, Snapdragon 690 supports the WiFi 6 and in Bluetooth, it supports Bluetooth 5.0.

                            Camera Capabilities-

The new Snapdragon processor supports up to 192MP photo capture and 32+16MP dual camera setup. And the new 5G processor also supports the Slow-mo video capture at 720p @ 240Fps. And in Display, it also supports Full-HD+ resolution at 120Hz refresh rate. Which is a first processor in 600 series which support 120Hz display.



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