Netflix Stream Fest : Steps To Use Netflix Free For 2 Days

Netflix stream fest

With the entry of the OTT platforms in India. Netflix has grown too much and made its place in the Indian entertainment industry. In other words, Netflix is the one who increases the OTT platform culture in India and brings a lot of digital shows. That users can see directly from home without going to the theatre. And after the popularity of the digital content in India, now there are many streaming services are available in India. And if you compared to some other countries the percentage of Netflix users in India is low.

That’s why the company now trying a big marketing stunt to attract more and users to there platform. And provide 2-day of free streaming to all India. And it is a big move by the company too, to give access to the peoples and show them what content and features they can see if they use Netflix.

It also seen as the win-win situation for both audience and company. By doing this Netflix can easily promote their service to more and more users than ever. And from the users perspective, they are getting 2 days free to watch, all the Netflix shows and movies without entering their card details.

How to watch Netflix Stream Fest in your devices-

Netflix stream fest login

The Netflix stream fest can be accessed by any of your digital devices like mobile, Tv, laptops. So all you have to do is-

  • Download Netflix in your device, or go to the there official website.
  • Now when you enter Netflix you can to go to the Stream Fest section.
  • And Enter your details, like Name, Phone number/Email id and create a password.
  • And that’s it. Now you are all set to enjoy the Netflix content for two days free.

NoteIf you are not being able to access the stream fest and seeing a notify me message by Netflix. Then this is because Netflix set a limit of the user number to access the content free so their server can manage the traffic properly. But this does not mean that you are not going to get the service. All you have to do is enter your mobile number there and click the notify me, by doing this Netflix will able to notify you and provide you with the two-day service within the next week.


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