Spotify 2020 Wrapped Is Here : See Your Own Record

Spotify wrapped 2020

I’m pretty sure that you all listen to music and nowadays when all songs are available online just in one click. Most of you are using some music playing apps to listen to your favourite song without downloading them, and it is cool too. To hear your favourite artist all you need now is an internet connection and millions of songs are now in your palm.

And there are many music player apps are available for both Android and iOS nowadays. That provide different features to the user even though the work of all of them are the same to serve music online but the benefits of using different players are slightly different.

And one unique feature that is now available for the users in Spotify is 2020 wrapped. And I think it is a very good feature that let you see your all statics and data in one click. How many minutes you spend in Spotify in the year 2020. Or what songs and artist you have to listen more in 2020. The Spotify collected it and show you as wrapped in 2020. And it is pretty cool too, to see your most played songs playlist and enjoy them on loop.

So if you all want to see these statics in your Spotify and want to share with your friends on social media then follow the steps below to access this data of yours.

How to see Spotify Wrapped 2020-

If you use an app to use a Spotify, then it is a straightforward process to see all your stats in the Spotify app. All you have to do is open the app scroll down a little and there you see this.  But if you cant seeing the wrapped stories in your Spotify app then follow this trick.

  • Open your chrome or any browser that you use in your android or iOS device.
  • And now search the in it.
  • After doing so open the Spotify site and scroll down a little and click the explore your wrapped button.
  • Now, this lets you go your app and bring a story mode option that helps you to see your whole year stats in it.


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