Netflix new audio mode only for Android- See how it works

Netflix Audio Only Mode

Netflix is one of the main players in the OTT platform for a long time. And countries like the USA and Canada where the consumer of Netflix content is high as compare to other platforms. That’s why Netflix has some benefits of number and in revenue too. But when you have that kind of huge audience who use your service every month so for them you always have to bring some extra and some out of the box features in a continuous period of time.

Like in India, the December 6th and 7th Netflix announced its services free for all users. So anyone can watch there shows and movies on their platform at free of cost. And it is a bit of bold move too to attract the new customer.

And again Netflix did something new but this time it is a quite surprising feature that the company is bringing for the Android users for now on. That they called Netflix Audio mode. Yeah, you read correctly its Audio mode only which means no visual in your screen only audio.

And according to some news, the company also started rolling out the audio-only mode for the Android user, so for some users, it’s available now. Now all are you thinking is how it can make sense because Netflix is all about seeing shows and movies which means visuals. So it is quite tricky for now that, is it going to be useful or not.

But on Netflix, there is some documentary that you can understand by listening only. And it is quite possible that the company is planning something that only requires listening and we all know how the business of podcast is going now. More and more users every day are interested in listing. And Companies like Spotify are now dominating this field. So it is interesting to see how Netflix make its own version of the listening trend.

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