How to customize taskbar in Window10 : Taskbar X Guide


Windows 10 is one of the most used Operating systems in PCs. And many users prefer the Windows over different OS present there. Many things make Windows popular as an operating system. Like its come pre-installed when you purchase a new PC. And whenever the new version of the Windows come you don’t have to buy it and reinstall it again in your PC because most probably you get an update for that which transform it to its new version.

And the second thing that makes Windows a popular operating system is its GUI. Windows do not come up with a compliance interface. So anyone from any age can easily use it easily.

But when you use Windows for some time then you will notice that some things can be more customizable. That makes the use of Windows easier but you didn’t get that advance feature of that kind of customization. Like the Taskbar in the windows, it is a very handy element of the Windows. But if you go to its customization it does not allow you to changes it completely.

So if you like to change your Taskbar completely there is a software called Taskbar X that let you complete control over your taskbar to customize it. So let’s see how to download Taskbar X and how you can use it effectively so your Taskbar looks more attractive.

How to download taskbar X in the Windows-

For downloading taskbar x in your pc or laptop. All you have to do is go to the browser you use and search Taskbar X Github.

  • Click the first link and go to the releases section in the right-hand corner.
  • Inside the release, go to the latest version of the software section like
  • And click the taskbar zip file, and it will automatically start your downloading.

How to use Taskbar X to customize taskbar-

After downloading the software unzip it and simply activate it by clicking the taskbar application.

  • Now when your software is ready it will pop up a screen in front of you that shows you many options to customize your taskbar.
  • The first useful option is Style. That helps you to change the style of your taskbar like you can change the background of taskbar into transparent or opaque and blur anything you like.
  • And now another handy one is Position, the position setting let you centre all your application in taskbar.
  • And there are some also interesting setting in Taskbar X that you can find and try it according to your need.
  • After doing all the changes click the Apply button to apply the changes.

Note- If you wanted to open the Taskbar X again then all you have to do is go to its folder. And click the Taskbar X config option to open the setting.

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