How to add and remove default messaging from Signal App

Signal SMS Enable

From the past few weeks, the users of Signal is increasing rapidly in both Android and iOS. Many of the users who use WhatsApp as a there messaging platform are now shifting toward Signal. The update in the privacy policy and the response of peoples regarding this policy is not benefiting Whatsapp. And that’s why from the past few days WhatsApp try its best to convince people that their new policy is not that bad.

But I don’t think it actually works now. And that’s why millions of users are now choosing Signal over WhatsApp as there primary messaging app. And in terms of privacy its good too because Signal is one of the most secure messaging apps that are out there.

Signal has come up with some of the handiest features that are actually good like Disapering messages. And the SMS and MMS. Disappearing messaging you all know about. And the second one is all about the preference because the SMS and MMS feature is all about your choice. For those who want their text messages in one place, this can be a good feature to use. Because it allows you to receive your phone messages in Signal and you can also easily reply to those messages from the signal app too.

But I don’t think everybody is going to like it. So that’s why in this post I am going to tell you how to enable this feature if you want to try this. And if you already enable it and now want to disable it then how you can do that in some simple steps.

How to enable SMS integration feature in Signal-

To integrate your phone text messages and Signal messages are actually very simple. All you have to do is click one option and you are done. So let’s see how to do it and where to find this option.

  • Open your Signal app and go to the setting option in Signal.


  • Click the first SMS and MMS option.


  • Now click the SMS Disable option and then press the change button.


And you are all set to receive all your phone text messages in Signal app.

How to disable SMS integration in  Signal-

If you are already using this feature and don’t like it. Then don’t worry because in one click you can easily disable it too.

  • Open the Signal app and then go to its setting.


  • Click the SMS and MMS option in the setting.


  • Now click the SMS disable.


  • Then click the App permission.


  • Inside the app, permission goes to SMS.
  • And turn off the tick in front of Signal. And that’s it you are done.


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