How to unlike Instagram from Facebook messenger


From the last decades, the craze of social media is on a different level. Billions of users are using social media for connecting with peoples online. And if I talk about two platforms that are everywhere then the majority of the peoples will agree with me. That it will be about Facebook and Instagram. Both the platforms have billions of user.  And millions of users who use it every day. Before 2012 Instagram was a different company. But in 2012 Facebook bought Instagram and that makes Facebook one of the biggest social media Company.

And after that Facebook has always tried how it makes it different social media group more connected and integrated. And in 2020 they did a little bit of it. Facebook release the update for all its Instagram users. That helps the users to merge their messages of Facebook and Instagram in one platform. So they can easily see or reply to the messages from one app. But not everyone likes it. Like me, I personally don’t use this cross messaging. And I am pretty sure that most of you also don’t like it or doesn’t want to use it.

But the good thing that Facebook did it gives you an option to step out form this cross-platform merge if you don’t like it. So let’s see how to opt-out from this cross-app messaging.

 Disable the Cross Messaging feature of Facebook from Instagram-

  • To do this first you have to go to Instagram. And then enter in your profile section.
  • Now click the hamburger menu button then click the setting.
  • Inside setting click the Account Center option. It is a text written in blue colour.

  • Now inside the account centre, you are going to see your profile section, which is written like Account and Profile with your name and Instagram DP. Go inside it.

  • And inside it, there is a section called Account which has your Facebook account and Instagram account. Click the Facebook account and press the Remove Frome account centre option.

  • Now it asks for the confirmation give your confirmation and you are all done.

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