FAU-G TDM mode apk download – Details and release date

FAU-G TDM mode download

FAU-G a game that was released last year with heavy promotion. A game that crosses almost one million downloads in very little time. Back then the game was announced when the popular battle royal game PUBG ban in India.

And the developers of the game show us that FAU-G will be the replacement of the PUBG for the Indian player. But when the game released it was a major disappointment at that time, the graphics of the game was ok. but the game lacks many features and modes for players to play.

The only mode you can play now or back then was story mode. And it seems like the game was incomplete and it is way too early for that game to launch

And like I said the game was a little incomplete because its two main modes were locked. But now after few months, nCore games are finally releasing the FAU-G first big update. That’s brings the 5v5 Team deathmatch with it. If you have played the other battle royal like Call of Duty mobile and PUBG mobile, you know what team deathmatch is.

To give this update information the company released a trailer video on the youtube channel. That shows us the first glims of their TDM maps and gameplay of FAU-G new mode.

Download FAU-G Game –

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The FAU-G new TDM update will be available this June 2021. So as soon as the game released we try to update the article fast.

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