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Finally, the new version of iOS has been rollout for all iPhone users. New iOS 14.5 comes with a lot of new features and in other words, it is one of the biggest updates in iOS 14. Last week, Apple announced in their event that the new iOS update will be launching anytime next week. And on Monday the update will be rolled out for most iOS users.

Since the update is big in terms of new features. So this one also be the last update in iOS version 14. And from the next time, you will be getting an iOS 15 update on your Apple device. But for now, let’s see some of the main changes in the new update and how you can use them.

Important features in iOS 14.5 –

Unlock iPhone with Apple watch – One of the big features that are added in this update is now you can unlock your iPhone with your apple watch. And to unlock that feature all you have to do is go to your setting and in the face id and passcode section. Enable the unlock with the apple watch feature.

More emoji with new skin tone variation – The new update also brings almost 200 new emojis with it. With a new skin tone variation. You can use these emotes while chatting and some new emojis include broken heart and fire heart.

Add air tags in find my app – Air tags are one of the major highlights of this new apple event. The company is talking about this for a long time. And now you can add the support of air tags so you can locate all your belonging.

2 new Siri voices – If you use Siri on a day-to-day basis, you will like this new update regarding Siri. The new ios 14.5 added two new Siri voices. In setting, you can go to Siri and searches and choose from any four voices of Siri. Which was two previously.

new apple music update – This time Apple did a lot of change in their apple music. And of the best that includes a short video clip of artist in their album. And also apple music may not now your default music player. While playing the song through Siri you can now choose which music player you want to use to play that song.

PS5 and Xbox X controller support – With the iOS 14.5 update now you can use the latest PS5 and Xbox series X controller in your iPhones and iPads.

App tracking transparency – Now this one is big and Apple is planning this for a long time. And I am sure you also heard something about it. But now Apple adds this in the new iOS 14.5 update. In the short term, the apps now require user permission to track user data and activities. While this data can be used to show you personalised ads. But with this feature, this is going to be difficult for companies who required users data to show them personalised ads.

Devices that got iOS 14.5 update –

All the devices that got the iOS 14 updates will also be going to get a 14.5 update. That means all the devices from iPhone 6S to all the brand new iPhone 12 devices got the new update.

Download iOS 14.5 update –

To download the update on your iPhone devices go to setting and in a general tab software update. And soon it shows you the download page for the update. The new update is almost 1.25Gb in size.

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