Apple November 10th Event Announcement and Details

Apple November 10th event

Last month Apple organize its event where it launched its brand new iPhone 12 Series that include 4 new iPhones and a HomePod mini. Apple already did 3 virtual events this year in the month of June, September, and October. And now it’s time for the fourth one of the year.

In an announcement on Monday Apple said that they are holding one more event this year on November 10th. It is a bit surprising because a few weeks ago they did a huge virtual WWCD event. And now in November, it’s going to be one more.

But it is also very exciting to see what new Apple going to announce this time in their episode. And if you remember their last June event, then you are most likely to guess whats big is coming next.

In June Apple announced that they are launching the Mac’s in the market with their own chips called Apple Silicon. In the Macs, apple used Intel chips for many years to run their laptops. But now it is going to change. And it is most likely that in this event Apple launches its new MacBook in the market that is power by its own Apple custom ARM chipset instead of Intel.

So now it’s a time to see a new Macbooks with a new processor in it. Apple is also quite capable of doing it because they also used their own processor in its iPad and iPhones. And they are compelling too in the term of performance and efficiency.

But apart from this main highlight, there are some more things that are very likely to be seen and launch in this event. And that is AirTags and Airpods Studio.

Airpods Studios-

AirPods Studios is Apples high-end Headphones. That can be an alternative to Apple Airpods and Airpods pro. If it’s release on 10th November then it will be the Apple first Headphone in the market.

Apple AirTags-

Apples Airtagas are basically a tracking device and the rumours about them in the market is from a long time. But now this time it might be actually launching in November event. AirTags is like tracking chips that you can hook in your items that you don’t want to lose. And with the help of your device, you can always track them if they misplace.

Note-The event will be started at 11.30 PM on 10th November according to Indian time.

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