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Google Android 12 features
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Currently, Google IO 2021 event is ongoing. And it is basically their annual developer conference that was held from 18 May 2021 to 20 May 2021. A time when Google announced its upcoming projects. And between all of these the tech giant announced its new Android 12 with a new feature and new touch.

Although if you are thinking about downloading the update then it is not possible at this moment. Because before releasing the stable version. Google soon going to launch the beta program first for the new Android 12. And after that, the stable version will be provided to all the users by their device manufacturer.

Also, it is not clear that what devices get the beta update. But one thing that is clear though that if you are a Google Pixel user then you will able to get the taste of the beta version. Because the company announced that their upcoming Google Pixel 6 will come with the Android 12. But this is one side of the IO event. Google also highlight some main features for their new Android version.

So first see what are those feature. And how much change you will be noticing in the new versions. But first, let’s talk about the release date of Android 12 on all the devices.

Android 12 official release date –

Android 12 release date
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Like it is expected the first glimpse of Android 12 will be seen on their own Pixels phones. And we are talking about the beta version first. And Google also confirmed that phoned companies like Oppo, OnePlus, HTC, Asus, Xiaomi will also going to get the beta version update. That’s going to be available from this month.

And if we talk about the stable update. Then the update will be starting to be rollout from August 2021. But it takes time for a device manufacturer to roll out the update in their different devices. So the majority of the Android devices may get the Android 12 stable update by 2022.

All new features in Android 12 update –

In terms of the features, this time Google did a lot of work on changing its costume UI looks and how they interact with users. And second on privacy to make Android more secure. But first, let’s start with the brand new UI.

A brand new UI –

Android 12 UI
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If we talk about Android. It is all about the customization, and the ability that it gives to users, to personalize the device according to their own choice. And it is a special thing about Android that makes it different from its competitor.

And again Google carries on the tradition and redesign its whole UI. And according to Google, it will be the biggest change in Android History that they have ever done. And this new change provides an entirely new experience from the colours of the shape, to the light and motion that you see on your device.

Animations, touch tab scroll are also going to be more smooth and responsive in the new Android 12. As compared to its successor.

And if Google is making these changes then it’s not even possible that they forget the widget section. Especially at that time when Apple also did the whole redesigning thing in their widget section. And now it’s time for Google to show. That’s why in this section the company did a lot of efforts, from changing them into more beautiful useful and discoverable to making them more responsive than every for different size of devices.

Privacy updates in Android 12 –

Android 12 privacy features
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Another section where Google did a lot of work this time. Is in the privacy of the Android. In the conference, Google did a lot of explaining about privacy too. And some of the main attraction is.

The company now gives users more transparency about their data. And gives them a whole new level of control over their data.

And all of these will be starting from the new privacy dashboard that gives you a brief insight into apps. About what data they are accessing and how they are accessing. And if you want to revoke some of the permissions. You are now able to do that directly from the dashboard.

Another feature that is added in Android 12 is an Indicator that tells you which app are using your microphone or camera while using it. And if you are not comfortable with that, then you can also remove the permission of that sensor from that particularly app by scrolling in your toggle bar. That’s now added two more toggles for revoking the permission.

Also, you can now control the access of permission that you want to allow for an app to use. like your location and more.

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