How to add costume templates in Notion


If you are a person that is into organising the day and things properly. Then somehow an application named notion came to your attention. And these days everyone,  one-ways or another talking about it too. And the thing about it, that the more time you give it the more properly you understand it.

But if you are a beginner and using it for the first time. Then it can be quite difficult to understand properly on how to manage everything inside it. Because it is all about creating and managing some templates that you can use.

But if you are a newbie and just install the application then don’t worry about it. On how to create your own space in it. Because it can be difficult in starting.

But the thing that you can do is. Using someone else templates in your own account. To get a better understanding of how templates are made in it. And there are thousands of user in it, that creates some fancy templates and also uploads for other too. So let’s start on how you can use someone else template in Notion.

How to use someone else template in Notion.


To using someone else temple first you have a proper template according to your need. And to find you can go to google or youtube. There are dozens of different users on Youtube that gives the link to their costume made templates that you can use.

  1. Find a template that you wanna use from Google or youtube.
  2. Go to the link that has provided for that template.
  3. Now you redirected to the template showcase page. And from there the main process starts.
  4. On the showcase page, there is an option on the top called Duplicate.
  5. Click that option and then it asks for your notion account login. Login to your account.
  6. And that it. That step creates a duplicate of that particular template in your notion account.

And just search for one template that can be useful for you. And there is no shortage of any pre-made notion templates on the internet. So in starting to use them and then make one of the ones that suit you best.

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