How to transfer Contacts from one device to another

How to export contacts from one device to another

Changing a mobile device can be very tricky and frustrating sometimes. At the same time, you have a good feeling about your new phone and same time there are tons of things that you have to transfer from your previous device to a new one. But most of the time all the transferring things go very smooth.

Because for photos, you got google photos. And basically, all of the google application data just simply store in its cloud service. So in a new device, all you just have to do just simply put your Gmail id. And your device just feels like the one you using previously.

But at one thing where most of the peoples stuck are in transferring contacts. Majority of the time you save your contact on your mobile device. And now you want to transfer them. But don’t know how to do it and I have to tell you that doing it is very simple and you need just a minute to do that. And all your contacts will be transferred easily. So let’s see how to do this.

Transfer contacts with the help of Google Drive –

Transferring contacts with the help of Google drive is one of the simplest ways to do the process. And it will take just some minutes. But to do that you have to take care that you are using your primary Gmail account and the same account will be login into your new device. So let’s start now.

  • Open your contact application and find setting option in it.
  • Inside setting check all the available settings and find the setting name import/export. Most of the time you will find it easily. And if you are having difficulty finding it then use Google Contact the app will be available on the Play store.
  • Now inside export-import, go to the export section. And choose the account you want to export them to.
  • And at last press the Export to .vcf file. Then save it. So by doing this your contacts will be saved in your Google drive
  • And if you now want to access those contacts on your new device. Use the import option. And choose the Gmail account in which the contact file is saved. And by doing this your contacts will be imported to your new device.

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