Download PUBG PC Lite: Game for low-end PCs

Like the Pubg Mobile Pubg Pc is also doing great among the users who use computers for gaming. Within its release, Pubg PC has done great business for PUBG Corporation and the game has sold almost 50 million copy for PC. The game is quite famous among the gamers but the main problem is that not everyone can play Pubg PC. Most of the users want to play pubg PC but they cant play the game. Because Pubg PC came with some high specification requirement. The graphics and the quality of the game made it very heavy. So if you want to play the Pubg PC you have the high-end computer device which has some pretty hard specifications.

But on July 4th Pubg Corporation launch the Pubg PC lite for the users who have the low-end device. Pubg PC lite run on the low specs so if anyone has a computer with normal specification and want to enjoy the gameplay of Pubg PC. They can download Pubg PC lite. Which is free of cost it means that you don’t need any money to purchase the game. The only thing you need is a good internet connection to download the game. So first thing in this post we are telling you is how many specifications you need to run this game.

For playing this game you need this minimum requirement in your PC to run the Pubg PC lite without any problem.


The minimum system requirement for Pubg PC lite.

  • The Pubg pc lite run on the operating system: window 7,8,10,64bit
  • The minimum processor required for Pubg pc lite is Core i3 which run on the clock speed of 2.4GHz
  • 4Gb ram is compulsorily required to play the game if any user has below 4Gb ram the game does not support on their devices.
  • The minimum GPU which is used for Pubg PC lite is: DirectX11 Intel had graphics 4000.

Recommended system requirement for PubgPC lite

If you want to play lag-free smooth gameplay without any problem there are some recommended system requirement to play the game.

  • Your operating system is based on Window 7,8,10,64bit.
  • The processor required is Core i5 2.8GHz.
  • 8GB Ram is required.
  • And the GPU required is DirectX11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 600 or AMD Radeon HD 7870.

The question which is come to your mind now is how can we download and install Pubg pc lite on our PCs and how much net is required for the whole process.


Download Pubg PC lite on your computer and laptops.

  1. For downloading PUBG PC lite you have to go to the link and click the download button on the page.
  2. After clicking the download button the setup of PUBG PC lite is downloaded in your PC.
  3. The next step you have to do is install the setup. And after installing the setup an icon of Pubg pc lite appears in your home screen.
  4. Click the game icon in your screen and after clicking the game icon you have to create an Id. And after creating the Id you have to click on the install button and your game is started installing.
  5. In this Installation, you need approx 3GB internet and after installing the game now you are ready to enjoy your game.

Difference between Pubg PC and Pubg PC lite.

  • Graphics- Pubg PC comes with high graphics as compared to Pubg PC lite. Game is also highly optimized if you compared with Pubg PC lite.

  • Cost-free- Both the game is from the same company. But one of the main difference between Pubg PC and Pubg PC lite is cost. Pubg PC is around 1000rs and Pubg PC lite is free of cost.

  • Processor-Pubg PC needs high-end devices but Pubg pc lite does not require high specifications to run.

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