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A week ago Microsoft announced their new windows in their big organized launch event. The window is a successor of, one of the most popular windows, Windows 10. From the past few years, Windows 10 has been increased rapidly in terms of popularity. And constant updates push from Microsoft make Windows 10 very performance-oriented.

But now it is time for a new Windows to enter the field. And it was quite shocking at first when Microsoft announced it because after the release of Windows 10 the company clearly announced that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows from Microsoft.

But now it seems like they reconsidered their decision. And now the Windows 11 has been officially announced. So the question that arises is how you can download it on your PC. And what you have to do, to install it on your PC or laptops.

But first, you have to check whether Windows 11 will run on your PC or not.

How to check Windows 11 compatibility on your PC –

To check whether Windows 11 will run on your pc or not. All you have to do is download the windows Check for combability tool from the Microsoft website. And when you run it on your desktop it will tell you, if your pc is compatible or not for the new version of Windows.

How to download Windows 11 in your system –

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 at their event. On the same night, the company also revealed that when the user will get the stable version of the Windows 11. And seriously there is a lot of time for a stable version to release. But the company also reveals that the Windows 11 beta will be released next week for Windows Insider.

And if you are interested in Windows’s beta release then, you have to check the Insider programme. And don’t worry if you don’t know anything about it because we will be going to cover everything related to the Windows Insider programme.

What is Windows Insider Programm actually?

Before releasing an actual stable update for all the users. There have been many beta builds released to test. To check out all the bugs and problem so all the things will be short out before the stable release. And that’s what the Microsoft Insider programme is.

According to Microsoft, their Insider programme is a “community of millions of Windows’ biggest fans who get to be the first to see what’s next”. And the good thing is anyone can register for this program and get the beta build of a release before the actual stable update. And give feedback to Microsoft about it so the company can fix the problems.

Now for Windows 11 Microsoft soon going to release the beta build for the tester. So all the registered users can test the new Windows and give feedback to Microsoft before its stable release.

But keep in mind that these beta builds sometimes comes with bugs and problem. So try to use another system to run these beta updates. So your work system cant effect.

How to join the Windows Insider programme –

There are two ways to join the Windows Insider programme. And both of them are very easy. All you need is your Microsoft account that you use in your system and you will be the Insider.

The first method is by going to the Windows Insider website and register yourself there. Follow all the instruction and you will easily become the Window Insider.

The second method is by going to your system setting. And inside the settings go to update and security, there will be an option called Windows Insider programme. Both of the methods work fine so you can use any one of them that you find convenient.

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