Where to find the training mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Find training ground in BGMI

Its been almost a month since Krafton has released the Indian version of PUBG for the Indian users by the name of BGMI. The majority of settings and features of the game is almost identical to PUBG mobile. And when I say all the features and settings. That means all the maps, TDM maps and basic settings of the game are the same.

And if you tried the game then you know it’s like playing PUBG again.

But there are some changes, that some of the players having difficulty in finding. And these changes are made way back before the launch of the BGMI. But if you are players who haven’t been in touch with the game for a long time, then you probably find difficulty in few things. And one of them is finding training ground in the BGMI game.

Because few updates back you can access the training ground in just one click. But now the entering method changes for entering the training ground. But don’t worry it’s there, and you can still access it. So let’s see how you can find the training mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

How to find the training mode in PUBG Mobile –

  • Open the game and press the select mode option.


  • Then press the training mode option that is available on the bottom right corner.


  • After that, you will find yourself in the new Cheer park, and from there you have to go to the original training mode.


  • In the Cheer park finds the AKM statue in which, the training word has been written. And when you go closer to that statue, you will get a new option Training ground press that button and you will be inside of the training ground.

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