Where to find downloaded songs in Amazon Music

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Amazon has been in the market from a very long time. Not only in e-commerce, but they also have other services for their costumers. And one of that service is their Amazon Prime that give you many benefits in only one subscription.

So whenever you buy a subscription of Amazon prime, you got Prime videos, Prime reading and their Amazon Music. I know not many Indians uses Amazon Music as their online music streaming service.

But with the prime subscription, you get it for free. And trust me it is great to hear the ad free music without actually paying for it individually. Plus you can download unlimited songs too.

How to download songs and Podcast in Amazon prime music

  • Open the Prime music app and go to the song that you want to save offline.
  • Now in front of that song, there will be a plus icon, click that and your song will be saved offline on your device.

How to find downloaded songs and podcasts in Amazon Prime music –

  • Open the Prime Music application.
  • Go to the library.
  • And there on top click the dropdown menu in which online music is selected.
  • Change it to the offline music. Where you will find all your offline songs and podcasts, and from there you can manage them easily.

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