What is Koo app? A made in India Social media

Koo app work

In the time when everyone used a social media platform daily. And spend hours in it, to connect and put the thought in front of millions of people. And there are many platforms available too and in the middle of this India has also come up with its own new social media platform Koo. It’s not the first social media platform that is made in India but you can say that at this time Koo has made its place between the Indian people.

If you use Koo then you notice that it seem like it is made to compete with Twitter. Because the basis of the Koo app is just like Twitter. Both are microblogging platform and used to share the opinions of people.

The Koo platform has also won the 2020 Atmanirbhar Innovation challenge. And many great Indian personalities also talk in favour of the app. And it is one of the main reason why this platform is attracting many Indian users toward it. So if you haven’t tried the app yet then let’s see how to download it and create an account in it. And what other things you can do in that app.

How to download and create an account in Koo –

Downloading the app is very straightforward all you have to do is go to your play store or an app store and search Koo. Now press the install button and shortly the app will be installed on your device.

After downloading the app you have to create an account in it. And for that, you need a mobile number to login into the Koo. And after that, you can fill in your all details if you want or you can skip that for later.

How to use the Koo platform –

The basic function of the platform is just like Twitter. There are accounts of some famous personalities. That you can follow and read there Koo. And on Twitter, if you have to share some information then you tweet. Just like in Koo they called it Koo.

The app also has a trending hashtag function that you can use in your post to make it trending. Messaging is also available in it.

And if you use the platform for some time then you will be able to notice that it looks like the Indian version of Twitter. That is specially made for Indian users.

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