How to watch Netflix without paying?

Watch netflix for free

Netflix is the best way to pass the time. And it has some of the best shows and movies from around the world. Also, there is no restriction either to watch only Bollywood or Hollywood movies. You can watch shows and films that are made in different countries or languages. And it is the best thing about Netflix because sometimes the masterpieces in shows and film can be from anywhere like Spain “Money Heist” or Germany “Dark”.

But to watch these contents in one place we have to pay Netflix some amount. And in India, it’s quite a high amount. And really who wants to pay Netflix every month these amounts. So the questions here are whats to do to watch these shows and movies for free. I am not going to say that you can watch this content free for life.

Because it is impossible. But there is some method through that you can watch Netflix free of cost for some time. So let’s see what are these 4 methods.

4 Methods to Watch Netflix Without Paying-

Methods for watching netflix free

#1. Get Netflix free trial- The best way to see Netflix without paying is to get its free trial version. Because if you do it then you can watch the content free of cost for the whole month. Without paying a single rupee. And when your trial period ending comes near then cancel the subscription. So for next month, you haven’t charged a dime.

But there is also a condition here. You need a Debit or Credit card for this process. But don’t worry if you cancel your subscription before ending your free trial you haven’t charge as I say before.

#2. If you have a friend with an account ask him- It is totally possible to share an account on Netflix or in other OTT platforms. So if your family or your friends have an account on Netflix then you can use their accounts. And if they use an Account then allow only 1 user. Then don’t worry use the account and download the show or movie you want to see. This way you can also watch it without paying them money.

#3- Use Netflix Watch FreeNetflix watches free is a new content promotion tact from Netflix. In which you can see some of their Original shows and movies without doing any sign-up or login. All you have to do is go there in their sites or click the link from above and watch free content.

But you have to keep in mind that you can only watch 1 episode of the season. But in the movie, you watch the whole film without any problem. And the great thing about this offer is all the content there is changed after some time. So you can watch new films most of the time.

#4-Watch free content with the help of your Simcard operator-  There are many offers from sim companies in which they provide you an OTT platform subscription with their recharge. And it is almost free like Jio is giving Disney+Hotstar subscription at 401Rs of recharge. And you also get the internet to use plus an OTT platform subscription. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

And that one is the last, method. But you can try these all 4 methods that going to cost almost zero rupees. And in the last method if you get lucky you can get more then one OTT platform subscription too.

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