Venom 2 Release date in India | Trailer and Where to Watch


Marvel has a long list of superhero characters in their pocket. From Captain America to Spiderman. And if you count the name then I think it takes soo much time to do that. But what about the supervillains not talking about the Thanos though. But talking about the one, for that we are just waiting for almost 2 years to watch again on-screen Venom.

Venom has been first introducing in Spider-Man 3 but as a villain. Like we all expect. But the thing has changed when Sony announces that they going to releasing the Venom solo film. And that decision didn’t disappoint the company. Because the 2018 Venom was a mega-hit when it released on the theatre. Where the film collects almost $856 million.

And the large credit for that goes to do the film cast. And after that, it takes almost 2 years for Sony to release the first trailer for the Venom 2. But the good thing is that the wait is over. So let’s talk about all the details related to the film.

Venom 2 Cast and Trailer –

Again for one more time Tom Hardy is returning in the character of Eddie Brock who is also Venom. With its co-stars Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady. That will also be going to play the role of Villian in Venom 2.

Where to watch Venom 2 –

The majority of the films are nowadays releasing on some OTT platforms. But not this one because the Venom 2 will be directly releasing on the theatres, not on some OTT platform.

Release date of Venom 2 –

In the first trailer, the release date of the film is not mentioned anywhere. But there are high chances that Venom 2 will be releasing in September 2021 worldwide.

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