Use phone camera as webcam in pc

In this lockdown period where one is using their laptops for working. Some of them are students and some are office employees. Where one needs there laptops for works but the problems with the laptops are there camera. If we talk about cameras of laptops the majority of the laptop’s camera is not so good as compare to the mobile devices.

So when we study or doing office works then its important that the webcam of our laptop is good so the quality of the video is better. So most of the users then face a problem and think about what can we do for it. Normally there are two ways from which you can improve your laptop webcam quality.

First is You can buy an external webcam which you can use on your laptop but it is expansive and most of us don’t want to buy any other accessories related to it. But there is also a second option which is cheaper and also gives a good result that is using a mobile device for our webcam. And if you don’t know how to do this then don’t worry we are telling you two methods from which you can use your mobile device as your webcam. So let’s just start with the first method.

Method-1: By using droid cam app

Use phone camera as webcam in pc

Droidcam is a wireless webcam use that you can use for connecting your phone camera as your webcam. And the droid cam also works on an app like Skype, Zoom, Teams, and other different apps. You can also use droid cam with wifi and USB cable it supports both types of technique. So If you want to use droid cam then you can just follow these simple steps.

  • If you want to use droid cam you can just simply download it from the play store and app store. The app has more than 5M downloads.
  • And when the app is installed just open the app and read the permissions and then accept them.
  • If you want to use droid cam wireless then you have to connect your laptop and your mobile device with the same wifi network. And when your mobile device is connected with wifi then the app shows you your WiFi IP address and droid cam port number.
  • The next step which you have to do is on your laptop. Open your browser on your laptop and go to the site Dev47Apps where you see the download option for both Linex and Window. If you use the window then click the window option. And then download the software.
  • When your software is downloaded just simply install it and then open it. And when your app is open you see three options which are WIFI, USB, and Create wifi server. All you have to do is click the WiFi option. And Enter the WIFI IP address number and Port number in it. Then click the start button.
  • And after you click that start button. Now your phone camera works as your webcam.

Method-2: By using iVCam Webcam

Use phone camera as webcam in pciVCam is a second app that you can use for pairing your phone camera as your webcam. The app is available on both iOS store and Play Store so you can download the app without any problem. The app has almost 1M+ download on play store and has also less than 10MB in size. For using this app there are also some steps to follow. So read the following steps and use the iVCam without any problem.

  • For using iVCam first download the app from the Play Store or App Store. And then open the app.
  • But keep in mind your phone and your laptop are both connected with the same WiFi network.
  • After you download the app on your phone. Now go the browser of your laptop or pc and search iVCam in it. And open the first link and then install it for windows.
  • When your app is installed on your pc or laptop. Then just simply open your iVCam app on both your PC and phone.
  • And if you connected with the same network then after some seconds its connect automatically. And you can use your phone camera as your webcam easily.

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