How to turn off Microsoft defender in Windows 10 and 7

microsoft defender for windows

Microsoft defender, if you are a window user then you know what it is. Even though you don’t have to know how actually it works. But most of you seen it sometimes through notifications popping from time to time. But by any chance, if you don’t know what actually is it, or want to know a little more about it. Then for reference, it is a Microsoft Windows 10 inbuilt security software.

In more simple words it is Microsoft own Antivirus that protects your system from ransomware, spyware and from different malware. That can seriously mass up your device. Now the question arises in your mind about its security because basically it’s free and comes pre-installed. But it may shock you that it works pretty fine to protect your system.

But one thing about Microsoft defender is that you can’t uninstall it from your Windows 10. In case if you want to do it because it came enable by default. And sometimes you want to disable it and that’s where most of the user stuck. But to do that we can suggest you some methods that help you to disable your Microsoft defender.

How to disable Microsoft Windows Defender from your PC

By using this method you can easily disable your Microsoft defender. Even though you can’t uninstall it but this method can disable the Microsoft defender.

  1. Go to the search box on your device. And search for Windows security.
  2. Then go to the virus and threat protection option.
  3. Inside it, there is an option called manage settings. Click that option.
  4. And then turn off the real-time protection. By doing this your Windows defender will stop running. And you also get a notification to confirm it.

So this is the method that you can use. But keep in mind that it does not permanently disable your defender. It is a temporary solution and soon as you restart your system. It will be running again. So you have to disable it again after you restart your PC.

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