Transfer PUBG account from Google Play to Facebook

PUBG Account transfer

PUBG Mobile has been one of the most played battle royale game in recent time. Or you can say in past some years. Especially in Asian countries, the craze of the game is very high.

But what makes the game that much popular among gamers? And I think all of us know the answer the features and the graphics of the game is very high. As compared to some other battle royale games and that’s why most of the users prefer this game as compared to others.

But to play the game first you need to set access to login to the game. And in PUBG there are different modes to log in to the game like via Facebook, Twitter and Play games. And the good thing is anyone chooses any way to create an account for the game. If later someone wants to change the way of login then they can do that too.

And that’s exactly what I am going to show you. That if you want to change the form of login then how you can do it in some simple ways. So get ready to do that.

Transfer PUBG account from Google play to Facebook –

Step1 – Open the game and go to settings. Inside the setting, there is an option called linked. And in front of the link, there are two icons.

Step2 – Click the plus sign icon that is beside of Google play icon.

Step3 – After clicking the plus button you got two options Facebook and Twitter. Select the platform to which you want to link your account.

Step4 – And as soon as you click on the platform in which you want to link your account. After some permission, it will be linked to that.

And If you already try to link the account from Google play to Facebook. But didn’t found the link button then try to use the VPN. After connecting to VPN open the game.  And this method will solve the problem that you are facing.

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