Top 6 TV-Series to watch if you getting bored from movies

From the last few years, tv-shows become famous among audiences. In the past peoples don’t like to watch tv shows because they are long and they target only specific audiences. But now the game is changed people are getting more attracted towards tv shows as compared to movies. And some streaming services like Netflix Amazon Prime and Hulu making this into another level. And the popularity of tv shows is getting high because you can watch them by sitting in your home the only thing you need is a laptop or mobile phone and a good internet connection. And like the movies, if you search there are many tv shows which are available today. And you don’t want to waste your time to search what show to watch. So we are suggesting you some tv shows which you can watch if you are getting bored of movies.

1. Money Heist.

Money heist is the most famous show which is trending in top of the list. It is a Spanish crime drama which is also dubbed in English by seeing its popularity from all over the world. The show has four seasons which is available and the production of the show has also confirmed its fifth season which will be releasing in 2021. So if you are interested in some action and drama you can watch Money Heist it won’t disappoint you. The show has a total 21 episodes and each episode has 40-45 minute of runtime so you can watch this easily. The Money Heist is available on the Netflix you can watch all four season on the Netflix.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger things show is quite popular among the teenage audience because most of the cast of the show is a teenager. But most of the audiences misunderstand this show they think this show is only for the kids. But the show is target all age of audiences. The stranger thing is a science Friction horror series which has some very dark and interesting plot twists. Within its release, Stranger things is a record-breaking show which wins many awards for its storytelling and acting performances. The show has a total of 3 seasons with 25 episodes. And all the three seasons are available on Netflix.

3. See.

In November 1 apple launched its apple tv+ to connects with its audiences directly. And See is the first show which is launched on appletv+ the show has some famous cast like Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard. The show set its timeline in future and show us the world which is without eyesight. The show has some heavy action and twists which is an idol for the action-loving audiences. As the show is released in 2019 that’s why the show has only one season but the production confirms its second season which we can hope to see soon. The See show is available on appletv+ so you can watch this show there.

4. Peaky Blinders.

Peaky blinders is a British crime drama show. Which show the timeline of 1919 in England. The show focused on one family who is known as Shelbys who are gangsters. The show has shown us some gangster drama and rivalries between some biggest families. But the thing which makes this show superhit is its cast. And the acting of all the actors in this show is outstanding. So if you love the period crime drama show you can watch the peaky blinders. The show has a total of 5 seasons with 30 episodes. And all the seasons are available on Netflix.

5. Dark.

Dark is a German science friction show. Which is also dubbed in the English language for audiences to understand the language easily. The concept of the show is on time-travelling and its effects on the humans but the story representation of the show is unique which make it different from other time-travelling shows. The show is also very suspenseful so it is quite difficult for you to guess what happened next. The show has a total of 2 seasons with 18 episodes. And the whole show is available on Netflix so you can watch all the episodes without any disturbance.

6.  kingdom

Kingdom is a first-ever Korean Netflix original series. It is a period horror thriller web series which is based on the zombies. But it is not some future zombie show where zombies are made in some lab. The timeline of the show is in the back of Korea when Japan invaded Korea. And all the horror story is started after that. The show has a total of 2 seasons with 12 episodes. The original language of the show is Korean but you can also watch this show in English audio. So if you love to watch zombies shows you can watch Kingdom. The show is available on Netflix so you can watch this show without any problem of language.

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