Supercell announced 3 new games in Clash universe


Supercell has always been a big name in the gaming industry. And with the release of their Clash of Clans and Clash royal. That is also pretty awesome. The company made a ton of money and increase its popularity.

And now the company is all ready to do that again. On 2nd April 2021. Supercell announced three of their new game in front of its fans. That is actually under development. But it is the first time that Supercell has done that.

Announcing the new Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes. That soon going to be added to Clash Universe. The official blog post that announces the game also states that “these new games are nothing like prior Clash games”. And also said that if the games don’t meet the standard though like the other two Clash game set. It is more likely the company will kill it and move on to other projects.

Yes, the other projects are also being developed by Supercell but not related to the Clash universe. And at last, the company clearly said that all the fate of the game will be in the hand of their dedicated players and fans who made the Clash universe that popular.

Now let’s talk about how different these games are from the current two clash games.

Clash Quest –

Clash Quest is an adventurous, island hopping, turned-based strategy game. Create dynamic troop combos to take on enemies and colossal bosses. Quest through new islands in the Clash world.

Clash Mini –

Clash Mini, is a strategic board game set within the Clash universe. Where players position their favourite characters and watch them come to life for battle!

Clash Heroes –

Clash Hero is an action role-playing game. Where the character has to undiscovered land and completes the epic quest.

And if you are interested to play these games then you can go to the Clash website. Also, Signup to get notified of the game release. And also the beta version of the game will be available for selected regions.

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