Stop Windows 10 From Auto Updating : Full Guide

Stop Windows auto-updating
Windows 10 is one of the most famous and latest versions of Microsoft. And due to the use of Windows 10 widely it became the second most used version of Microsoft Windows after Windows 7. But the one thing that makes it more effective and user-friendly day by day is Microsoft regular updates for Windows 10. Updates help the system to keep up to date with new tech and give more new features to the users for many years. If a System gets regular updates them the chances of the system to get compromises are less.But there is one problem with updates too. First, the Microsoft System updates are very heavy in size which means you need a large amount of internet for it. And it’s not possible many times to update them instantly due to less internet.

Many users who use Windows OS know that when the updates come, their system automatically updating it when they connected to the internet. And if you use mobile data on your PC then it became very irritating because it used all your data in minutes. But there are some methods that you can use to Stop the auto-updating in your Windows 10. So you can update your system at any time you want.

Methods to Stop auto-updating in Windows 10-

Basically, I am going to tell you two methods that can help you to disable or stop your auto-updating on Windows 10.

Method 1-

Step1- Click on your Window icon and go to the Setting option from there.


Step2 Inside the Setting, go to the Update and Security option.


Step3 Inside the Update and Security, Click the Advance setting option.


Step4- And in the last step click the Select date button. That is made to pause the update for a specific time. You can select the date that you think is suitable for updating your Windows. And till then your update will be paused.


Method 2-

Step1- Search the Services in the search bar of your PC.


Step2- Now there you see a difference of option, scroll to the last of the option. Where you going to find the Windows update option.

Step3-  Inside the Windows update. Choose the Disable option in startup type. And in just below if your service status is started click the stop button. And in last Click the Apply and OK button to complete it.

Note- Always check if your auto-update is disabled or not through the second method. After connecting to the internet, if it enables again then repeat method two for the disabling auto-update.

And these are the two methods that can really help you to stop your Auto updating in Windows 10. So you can dave your internet and update your system whenever you want.

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