Solve Applications Network Problem in Windows 11

Its been almost 4 to 5 months since Microsoft has announced the new Windows 11 in the market. And after that, from the next month, most of the users was able to use it. With its beta version.

But the thing about the beta version is that it’s just filled with bugs. That got fixed with time. And one problem that some users in Windows 11 are facing, is that some applications are not working properly with your internet connections.

Now there can be many reasons for this problem. But if you try all the other solutions like resetting your router or reinstalling the application again. Then one thing you can try if you are a Windows 11 user is that resetting your networks.

So let’s see how it has done.

Resetting Networks in Windows 11 –

Step1 – Right-click on the Windows start button and go to settings.

Step2 – Then in settings go to networks and internet section, and inside it advance network settings.

Step3- Now inside advance network settings click on network reset.

Step4 – And at last click the reset now button.

After that, you have to restart your system. And again connect to your home network, but note you need a password because all your wifi connections will also get reset.

And after that, I hope that it will fix the problem that you are facing. But if somehow it is not fixed then let us know, so we can try something more.

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